Karissa Wisneski

Karissa Wisneski is the founder of Fairytale Princesses and Frozen Unfolded Sisters. The business has been around since 2013 and is still growing. Her goal is to bring the magic of fairytale's to life. She is an actress and has been featured in over 20 productions and works very closely with the New Mexico Film Industry.She has done stunts for multiple films and is following her passions to become an A list actress one day.  She is also a local model and has been in over 15 magazines and prints. She believes if you have a dream in your heart always pursue it because life is too short to be anything but happy. 


Mariah Sandoval

Mariah Sandoval is the CO-Business owner to Fairytale Princesses. Mariah and her sister started the business together due to their love of Disney and having a passion of performing. Mariah is a trained singer and has been singing since she was 3 years old. She came out in American Idol and X Factor, she also auditioned for the Voice. Mariah recently worked for Disney Corporations and began her performing in 2017. Being apart of Disney Mariah obtained the knowledge of character integrity and performing on a higher level. She is a photographer and also does modeling and acting in her spare time. She believes in making dreams come true. 



Leena is an amazing performer that started with the company in 2017. She has a passion for singing and has been trained professionally. She has done multiple theater productions and has been performing all her life. She loves being on stage and being able to bring different characters to life. Her goal is to become a Disney performer. Leena has a passion for sewing and loves creating new things. She believes in spreading the magic and keeping character integrity as one of her main priorities. 



Ceili has been a wonderful performer; performing with Fairytale Princesses LLC since 2015. She began her journey by dressing up for comic conventions. She loves Disney and became known locally as Meridas look a like. She has a passion of performing and loves bringing joy to those around her. She recently worked for Disney Corporations and has learned so much about character integrity and performing. Her goal is to go back to working for Disney corporations and to follow her dreams. She also is a local actress with the New Mexico Film industry and has been featured in multiple productions. She believes in following your heart. 



Naomi has been performing with Fairytale Princesses since 2016. She loves dancing and enjoys performing. Her passions are creating art through her dance. She loves bringing joy to others and believes in following your dreams. Her joy is to create magic that others can believe in. She believes in being the best she can be and working hard to pursue her passions. 



Dylan has been performing with Fairytale Princesses since 2015. He is a personal trainer and body builder.He has done multiple body building competitions and has taken 2nd place multiple times. He has his bachelors degree in exercise science and is an actor. He works closely with New Mexicos film industry and is a part time tour guide. He loves stepping out and becoming a new character. His passions are exercising and acting. He has been featured in over 50 magazines and prints and 25 different productions filmed all over New Mexico. He believes in working hard to pursue your goals. 



Ryan started performing with Fairytale Princesses in 2016. He has published a booked called thorn sold at Barnes N Noble. He is opening up his own real estate business and has a passion in flipping houses. He loves cosplaying and performing. He believes that anyone can have a successful business is you work hard and create it.